Nealy Prevatte started his career in this industry in 1972. Moving to New York City to study acting. He eventually jumped ship for a fashion career in cosmetology. After studying at Lurae Cosmetology College. Nealy apprenticed and worked as a master stylist under Peter Beernard at "The Hair People" in midtown Manhatten. Eventually he brought his talents back to Chapel Hill and opened Scissorium with Tony Menendez of Paul Mitchell in NYC. After a long and sucessful career as owner and style director at Scissorium he decided to experiance a different appraoch (solo) and it has been right on target for profesional expectations.


Questions for Nealy:

Best lesson learned?

"Never compare yourself or your business to anyone else."

What do you do with your free time?

" World travel, you name it I've been there."

After work pleasures?

"Playing with my dogs and cooking. And reading, I love books and eating."

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